Saturday, December 4, 2010

French manicure with a twist

The cool and not not so old school way of making your nails look cool: the Black French manicure. It is looks amazing. It can look rock-chic or even easy-elegant depending on the colours you choose. Makes your nails stand out… literally! Below are some pictures of nails from brands like YSL and Chanel that will help me make my point.


I tried my hand in pulling off this nail trend. As I got a thumbs up from all my lovely (read: honest) friends so I decided to share how I did it. Here’s how:

1. Painted my nails neon-light-pink and let it dry completely.

2. Took a white tape, stuck it to my nails in a way shown below, painted the top black.


3. Removed the tape and voila!! Plus it totally went with the attire I was wearing that day: pink dress, black leggings and my leather gladiators. :) 

  DSC00492_phixr DSC00495_phixr (3)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jump into one

When I was a little 10 years old girl I remember walking home from school and passing a car garage every day. I always noticed that men at the garage wore these suits, ‘Jumpsuits’ my smart sister enlightened me and I used to wonder the uniqueness of just one piece of cloth function as a shirt as well as a pant. A whole 10 years later I am at the Lakme Fashion Week and I watch every designer having at least one jumpsuit in their collection. And now sitting here writing this post I wonder how trends work, jumpsuits have been around for ages, they were worn by and are still worn by garage men, pilots, army men, sportspersons and even the great man Elvis Presely, but you will not wear it unless it’s in vogue or a bunch of fashion designers or brave celebrities start the trend. So here is my Trend no. 1 from LFW: JUMPSUITS.

1. Very Vintage:

 Ruchika (2)

Sailex NG

Vintage is in and so are vintage jumpsuits. Gen Next designers Ruchika (1st pic) and Sailex’s (2nd pic) collections were vintage in every way. With high waists, fabrics, colours and strong shoulders these jumpsuits were the true classics.

2. Clean Casual:

KILLER presents Nari

Narendra Kumar’s collection for Killer jeans has this cool denim playsuit. For day pair it with a white shirt and a pair of converse ballerinas to look your comfy best. And for the night add to the glam and shine in a shimmery diamond studded belt and stilettos.

3. Romping Rompers:

Asmita Marwa

Designer Asmita Marwa’ s romper was the cutest of all. In pure white cotton it looked elegant and pure but the fringes added the playfulness that a romper has. It is perfect for a pool party or even a night out with your girlfriends.

4. Cocktail Dresses Jumpsuits

Atithi Gupta (2) VIZYON

Like the little black dress has been replaced by the little black jumpsuit, the cocktail dress has also been replaced by the cocktail jumpsuit. Sequined satins and patterned chiffons add up to a perfect cocktail jumpsuit. Atithi Gupta’s (1st pic) and VIZYON (2nd pic) collection proved that cocktail jumpsuits are here to stay.

5. Futuristic Fad

7P0D0021   Riddhi Siddhi

If Manish Arora (1st pic) showcases his collection futuristic fashion  is inevitable. His turquoise green jumpsuit with graphic designed jacket is an-absolute-lust-have if you are a Manish Arora Fan. Other designers like Ridhhi Siddhi (2nd pic) and Ruchicka showcased jumpsuits that had of hint of future fad.

6. Skin-Tight

Arpan Vohra

I am afraid to say this but jumpsuits that literally look like the second skin are very much in vogue. Deadly divas like Beyonce and Rihanna have been spotted looking fab in this look.I9 may not be the biggest fan of this catty-suit but i definitely like Designer Arpan Vohra version, who dared to bring this trend to our ramps with the sophisticated twist.

So here you have it 6 perfect types of jumpsuits to watch out and try out.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

An article on Socks (No Kidding)

How to wear socks? Yes it’s the most unnecessary question I have asked? But at least I did. Most women go so wrong with socks that they ruin their entire outfit. Now THAT”S unnecessary. If you love socks that much wear them the correct way. How? Read on.
Socks are pretty amazing things. They come in every colour, shape, size, length, and pattern. I wonder why they are given so less importance. Wear a plain summer dress and pair it with colourful bright socks and the look turns from simple to fab. The key to the sock look is pairing it up with the right pair of shoes.
There are four major looks you can score with a pair of socks.
1. Thigh High socks: The ones we were embarrassed to wear in school and used to roll it down but you don’t need to do that now. They look good both with flat closed sandals or high heel boots or stilettos. You playful naughty and also chic with this look.
clip_image002 clip_image004 clip_image006
 2. Colourful Socks: Carry the rainbow colours on your legs. This look can be for the summer or the winter or the time to think you want colour in your wardrobe. Be sure to pair it with the right shade of sandal that goes with colour of the sock.
3. The Ankle length Socks: The cute baby socks which also come with lace on the top look perfect with just about every shoe, sandal, or heels so you can never go wrong with these pair of cuties.
clip_image014 clip_image016 clip_image018
4. The Pattern Socks: From stripes to chequers and from polka dots to lines these socks are hard to find but you can always steal them from the men’s section can’t you? ;) They add a little shape to the attire. They can look formal as well as casual depending on the way you team them up.
clip_image020 clip_image021 clip_image023
          Ok so now that you know how cool an article on socks can be maybe cooler than what you thought after reading the headline I am sure. Socks can look formal, chic, playful, sporty, naught, funky and so much more. I praise its versatility. The thing I like the most about socks is that “There are a million possibilities”.

Doodle your way to fashion

Remember the time when we were in school and our mothers used to scold us because we spoiled our notebooks with doodles? Now that you are a big girl you still can keep your inner child alive. How? All you have to do is “Doodle your way to fashion”. It’s a new proclaimed fascination seen on the street styles as well as on the runways.

The famous-designers-who-we-never-thought-would-get-the-“Doodle Fever” is drum rolls please...... Marc Jacobs. Yes this proves doodles aren’t any tacky kind of street diy fashion. His collection has been named as Miss Marc which is an adorable doodle of a girl. I have two words for his doodle collection cute yet chic.


'Sketchy Miss Marc' Tee Doodle Dress by Little Marc Jacobs


'Sketchy Miss Marc' Computer Sleeve Miss Marc Spot- Bags and Luggage


Marc Jacobs Doodle Dial Watch Marc Jacobs – Rain Boot

It’s not just Marc Jacobs who has got this trend fever there are a lot others including designer brands like Dooney & Bourke, forever 21, shop nasty gal, modcloth, Victoria’s secret and the many doodled diseased others. So if you like meaningless doodles or just like the trend or you are a eco friendly recycle chick then DIY on bags, t-shirts, anything you can think of and do your bit for this fashion trend I mean the world. ; )


Babycham Rucksack Black Dooney & Bourke backpack. Doodle sandinista scarf BARNEYS


Doodle racerbackVictoria’s secret

clip_image028 clip_image030 clip_image032

Forever 21 recycle bag ; ) modcloth doodle dots

Summer Hairstyle: Braids

In the hot sun the only good thing you get is a tan, that’s it. Summer is the best time for your bad-hair-days erupts and explodes your hope of having gorgeous hair. The time when you don’t look oh-so-glamourous when it comes to you hair. Don’t worry darlings there is a remedy for your despairful hair. Go back to the time when you use to braid your hair in a pony tail. Yes that time is now going to save you not just from summer heat but also get trendy with this seasons style. Now there are two reasons why you should try this style:

1: Celebrities and Runway Favours it:

Yes it’s been spotted on the planet of Hollywood that this trend is a major favourite among the famed species during the time the sun is up its brightest. From Ashlee Simpson to Ri Ri Rihanna and Nichole Richie to every other celebrity braids are a cool hit. Diane Kuger wore the do at this Cannes and it looked perfect.



Braids on runway are more of ‘turn the heads’ way. From experimental to chic simple they are in all forms and volumes. Moschino collection gave the braids look with a playful side to it. (1st pic below)


Reason 2: Hair Science Favours it:

It is said that when you keep your hair open in the summer heat it tends to dry up and also become oily. But when you tie your hair in braids, your hair is less exposed to the heat keeping them in good condition for a longer time in the summer season. You must have experienced it yourself, I know I have. Many women cover their heads with caps and scarves. But they don’t always help do they? What if you have to be indoors and have a bad-summer-hair-day? What do you do? The answer is “You do braids”. If your hair is more dry around the neck portion do your braids in that section and experiment accordingly.

So voila there you have it the fashionable-trendy-magic-remedy to help you have fabulous hair even in the hottest of summers.

P.S: This must be the first time ever the forces of science combine with the forces of style.